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Stand Up Pouch with Zipper


Stand Up Pouch with Zipper

To make your products easily stand out from the competition, choosing both well-designed and functional packaging bags does matter. As an experienced stand up pouch manufacturer, we have been committed to helping you create exclusive packaging bags. Among various packaging types, stand up pouch with zipper has gained increasing popularity due to its unique structure. This innovative packaging solution allows you to incorporate your brand logo, patterns, and product information to your packaging surface. We are also devoted to provide resealable pouch, allowing you to create unique and eye-catching stand up pouch. Trust us to deliver your brand game to next level!

  • Sizes Variety of sizes to fit any product
  • Material & Finishes Material options and finishes available
  • Order Order as few as 500 or as many as 10,00000

Due to its convenience and functionality, stand up zipper pouches have become one of the most effective packaging solutions. Stand up zip pouch features its stand-up structure, easily capturing customers’ attention and stand out from the competition. Its stand-up structure helps your products nicely displayed on stacks and shelves, further stimulating customers’ purchasing desire. Furthermore, with resealable zipper attached, stand up zipper pouch bags help provide an airtight environment for inside products, ensuring their freshness and quality are maintained for longer periods.

Additionally,  we offer various pouch printing options for you. Our ziplock stand up pouch can be customized into different shapes, styles, and sizes to satisfy your different custom needs. Kraft paper stand up zipper pouch, aluminum foil stand up zipper pouch, biodegradable stand up zipper pouch are all provided here to create different visual effects on your products. Such diversified print finishes as glossy finish, matte finish, holographic finish helps add more luster to your packaging design. Tear notch and hanging holes can be attached to bring more convenience when using. More functional accessories can be added to your zipper stand up pouch. Also other types of packaging bags are provided here: flat bottom stand up pouch, stand up window pouch, stand up zipper pouch, spouted stand up pouch. Trust us to elevate your brand game to next level!


1. Layers of protective films strongly function in maximizing inside products freshness.

2. Additional accessories add more functional convenience for on-the-go customers.

3. Bottom structure on pouches enables the whole pouches standing upright on shelves.

4. Customized into varieties of sizes like large-volume pouches, sachet pouch, etc.

5. Multiple printing options are provided to nicely fit well in different packaging bags styles.

6. High sharpness of images entirely achieved by full color print (up to 9 colors).

7. Short lead time (7-10 days): ensuring you receive superior packaging in fastest time.

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Q1: What is stand up pouch with zipper made of?

Our stand up zipper pouches consist of layers of protective films, all of which are functional and capable of maintaining freshness. Our stand up pouch can be fully customized to different materials pouches to fit your requirements. 

Q2: What types of packaging are best for food products?

Aluminum foil bags, stand up zipper bags, flat bottom bags, three side seal bags are all functioning well in storing food products. Other types of packaging bags can be customized as your requirements.

Q3: Do you offer sustainable or recyclable packaging options?

Recyclable and biodegradable stand up pouches are offered to you as needed. PLA and PE materials cause less damage to the environment, and you can choose those materials as your packaging materials to maintain your food quality.

Q4: Can my brand logo and product illustrations be printed onto packaging surface?

Your brand logo and illustration can be clearly printed on every side of stand up pouch as you like. Choosing spot uv printing can nicely create a visually appealing effect on your packaging bags.

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