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Spout Pouches Custom

Custom spouted pouches are a popular choice for packaging liquids such as beverages, as well as hygiene, personal and home care products. They feature a resealable spout for easy, mess-free pouring. Using strong, high-barrier materials also helps extend the shelf life of the contained products.

We offer customizable printed spout bag, custom wholesale plastic pouch with spout, beverage pouches and refill pouches to meet the specific needs of your product, brand and industry. In addition, you can choose the nozzle color and position according to your preference. Count on us to turn your ideas into reality..

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What do we do

Designed to meet the diverse needs of liquid products, our spout pouches dispense easily and look great. With a wide range of customization options such as materials, finishes, sizes and shapes, we ensure our spout pouches meet your specific packaging requirements. This versatile pouch format is suitable for a variety of applications, from packaging frozen cocktails and pet shampoo to beauty scrubs, cleaning products and play sand.
Customizable design: Add your logo, branding, and product information to create a unique look.

Durable construction: Resistant to punctures, tears, and leaks, ensuring product integrity.
Easy-to-use spout: Smooth pouring and dispensing for a hassle-free user experience.
Recyclable materials: Environmentally friendly options available to align with your sustainability goals.
All materials are FDA approved food grade 
Reclosed nozzles (threaded caps and fittings), positive nozzle closure

About us

Our mission is to be the best foreign trade enterprise in the packaging industry.  
At present, we can already supply recyclable bags with PE/PE structure and biodegradable bags with Kraft/PLA structure. At the same time, we are also working on the development of high-barrier structure of recyclable bags, once there is a new progress, we will also be timely updated to our website.
If you are interested in our product packaging, please contact us and let's create more perfect product packaging together!contact-usbxc

 Products information

  • Material

    PET/NY/PEfood grade material, non-toxic

  • Printing

    Plain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors

  • Finishes

    matte finish, gloss finish, holographic finish

  • Function

    Punch Hole, Handle, Spout(All Diameter Available)

  • Sizes

    Variety of sizes to fit any product

  • Order

    Order as few as 500 or as many as 10,00000

Factory Introduction

Huizhou Xindingli Packaging Co., LTD., after several years of precipitation and accumulation, has built a self-built factory of 5000 square meters. The factory is located in Building 29, B Area, Wanyang Zhongchuang City, No. 1 Shuangyang Road, Yangqiao Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment, with complete printing, laminating, bag making and other professional equipment.

Common Spout Pouch Types

aluminum spout pouchya1

Top of Pouch Spout

Typically used on smaller bags or die-cut bags designed for single-serve use.

liquid stand up pouch with spout2sr

Top Side of Pouch Spout

This position is ideal for bags ranging from 8 ounces to 16 ounces because it takes advantage of the upright orientation of the bag (stand-up bag), giving the user greater control when accessing contents.

Premium Chinese Spout Pouch Manufacturer

Since 2011, TOP PACK has been committed to perfecting the production of spout pouches. As the large-scale manufacturer of self-standing spout pouches in Guangdong Province, China, we have established expertise and reliability in this field.

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What materials we use

Our bags are carefully crafted from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability and optimal product protection.

You can choose from a variety of options, such as:

Polyethylene (PE):  flexibility, toughness, and ability to be heat sealed, making it ideal for forming the body of the pouch.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): provides excellent barrier properties against gases like oxygen, which can extend the shelf life

Aluminum: frequently used in combination with plastics, offering superior protection against light, gases, and moisture,


Let us know more about your project.


Applications and Suitable Business Types

fitments and closure options 

Make it easy to carry, easy to use, and give it a more unique look. Reinforced plastic handles can also be added to increase handling power and improve handling grip.

The valve is a gas release device commonly used in coffee packaging.
It allows the release of carbon dioxide gas from the package while preventing air and oxygen from entering, thereby maintaining the freshness and flavor of the coffee.
spouted pouchgi9
The same nozzle can be equipped with different types of bottle caps, standard bottle caps, child-proof bottle caps or customer mold caps (open mold).
spout pouch (17)xsy
Hanging holes on spout pouches facilitate product display, simplify inventory, prevent sticking, and enable drying after use, enhancing functionality and practicality for commercial applications.

tin-tie coffee bags97w
A small tie can help you avoid coffee contamination. There are a wide variety of tin ties in colors and sizes. Pick any of them, and we'll put them on your bag.
The transparent window design on spout pouches offers several benefits: it allows customers to see the product, builds trust, enhances product appeal, and facilitates inventory management by providing a quick view of the contents. This feature ultimately boosts sales and customer satisfaction.

making it effortless for you to access your favorite coffee blend with just a simple tear. No need for scissors or knives—simply tear along the notch, and enjoy the aroma and freshness of your coffee beans or ground coffee.

Spout Pouch FAQ

We specialize in creating custom bags with unique features and benefits based on your specific product packaging needs. Our team is dedicated to providing support and guidance throughout the entire process to make your process as easy as possible. If you can't find the bag you need, please let us know as we can create a custom replacement to meet your packaging requirements.

China Top Shaped Pouch Manufacturer & Supplier

TOP PACK is a famous manufacturer of customized special-shaped bags in China and has its own factory. We have a strong reputation for providing high-quality die-cut bag and custom printed bag solutions, dedicated to meeting our customers' unique custom needs at competitive factory prices.

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the world of stand-up pouch packaging! As a leading packaging production company, we're excited to share our expertise and insights on this innovative and versatile packaging solution. Whether you're a seasoned professional in the packaging industry or simply curious about the latest trends and technologies, this blog is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your packaging needs.

Q1:What are Spout Pouches?

In popular terms, it is to add a suction nozzle to the stand up bag. Among them, the bag part is no different from the ordinary stand-up pouch, the bottom has a layer of film to support standing, and the suction nozzle part is a general bottle mouth with a straw. The two parts are closely combined to form a new packaging method - a suction mouth bag. Because it is flexible packaging, this packaging is easier to smoke and control, and it is not easy to shake after sealing, which is a very ideal packaging method.

Q2:How to choose different Materials?

The stand up pouch with spout is multi-layer composite packaging, and the material is generally PET/NY//PE, NY//PE, PETI/AL/NY//PE, etc. Among them, small and light packaging can choose PET/PE, as a producer, you need to consider according to different capacity and bag type, careful evaluation, including PE puncture resistance, softness, tensile strength, thickness of the data.

Aluminum is also a common material, with opaque, silver, anti-luster, good barrier property, heat sealing, shielding optical activity, high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance protection, no odor, softness and other characteristics, after more than three layers of film composite, printing made of packaging bags, can effectively extend the shelf life, but also play a role in keeping fragrance, loved by consumers.

Q3:Can the Stand Up Spout Pouches for sauce be Cooked Directly?

If the packaged product needs cooking, then the inner layer of the packaging needs to use cooking materials, to reach 121 degrees Celsius high temperature cooking can also be used and eaten, then PET/PA/AL/RCPP is the best choice. PET is the outermost material for printing patterns, printing ink should also use cooking ink; PA is nylon, nylon itself can withstand high temperature; AL is aluminum foil, aluminum foil isolation, preservation is excellent; RCPP is the innermost layer of heat sealing film, ordinary packaging bags using CPP material can be heat sealed, cooking packaging bags need to use RCPP.

Q4:What are the Barrier Material's Structure?

The spout pouch's material composition is not always apparent, as it may consist of various materials to achieve high barrier properties.  

The structure typically includes three layers:
 the outer layer for branding and graphics, often made of printable PET;  
 the middle protective layer, commonly nylon or metalized nylon like MET-PA;  
 the inner heat-sealing and food-contact layer, usually PE or PP. 
Other materials like aluminum and nylon can also be used, depending on the product's packaging needs.  Common structures include a 4-layer PET/AL/BOPA/RCPP for cooking pouches, a 3-layer PET/MET-BOPA/LLDPE for high-barrier jam bags, and a 2-layer BOPA/LLDPE for transparent corrugated liquid bags.
Aluminum Foil  Stand Up Poucheu1

Q5:Can Spout Pouches be used for products with varying viscosities?

Yes, Spout Pouches can accommodate products with different viscosities, from thin liquids to thicker pastes.

Q6:What are the typical sizes and capacities of Spout Pouches?

Common sizes of food suction bags include, but are not limited to, the following:
6*8cm (10ml) : This size is suitable for small volume food packaging, such as small amounts of sauces or condiments.
6*10cm (20ml) : This size nozzle bag can hold slightly more food and is suitable for medium volume packaging.
8*9.5cm (30ml) : For food packaging that requires a larger capacity, this size of suction bag is a good choice.
8*20cm (200ml) : Suitable for foods that require large amounts of storage and use, such as certain juices or beverages.
8*22.7cm (250ml) : similar to the 200ml bag, but slightly larger, and also suitable for food that needs to be stored and used in large quantities.
10*23cm (380ml) : This size nozzle bag can hold a large amount of food and is suitable for large volume packaging.
Please note that these sizes are only common specifications and may vary depending on the manufacturer. At XINDINGLI PACK, we provide inventory pouch mold, and the size can be adjusted to make sample bags of target volume for testing and confirmation.

spout pouch size

Q7:The difference between metal and non-metal structure 

In comparing metal and non-metal composite structures for spout pouches, several key differences emerge.  Metal composites offer superior barrier protection and extend product shelf life due to their opacity.  They also provide a shinier appearance and superior printing and graphic effects.  However, metal composites lack the recyclability of non-metal composites, which align with the future direction of sustainable development by utilizing recyclable materials.

Q8:How To make customized spout pouch?

The manufacturing process of spout pouches involves five main steps:
Step1: Demand analysis, where the manufacturer creates a prototype based on customer requirements and acceptance criteria.
Step2: Sample testing, which includes various tests such as special testing, filling machine testing, packaging performance testing, and aging testing.
Step3: Product design, where the design is adjusted according to the customer's packaging design and other factors.
Step4: Customized sample test machine confirmation, involving trial production and testing based on the agreed design and product plan.
Step5: Mass production, which begins after confirming the sample and signing a processing contract.

Q9:What are the printing options?

1.Gravure printing, ideal for complex designs and high-temperature sterilization pouches, but with a high version fee.
2.Flexo printing, the most eco-friendly option for single-material recyclable packaging, not suitable for high-temperature products, and may be replaced by gravure for some products.
3.Digital printing, with high printing costs but no plate-making costs, suitable for small batch trial production of normal temperature products.

Q10:Any Available prints and finishes of spout pouch?

Spout pouches offer a range of print and finish options, including:

Metallic inks in various colors such as gold, silver, copper, and colored metallics.
Aluminum foil metallic effect color with transparent color printing and non-metallic color options.
Matte and glossy overprint effects.
Fluorescent ink effect for added vibrancy.

Q11:How to Fill Spouted Pouchs with Liquid Products?

There are various methods to fill and seal spouted stand up pouches, depending on the product and packaging requirements. Some options include:
1.Supplying pouches with the cap separate or removed, allowing filling through the spout and reclosing with the cap.
2.Providing pouches with the pour spout and cap intact, with an opening at the top for filling and heat sealing.
3.Creating a larger void on the side of the pouch for filling and heat sealing, suitable for liquid packaging with unique shapes or smaller pour spouts.
These pouches can be customized in size, style, shape, color, and finish to meet specific needs and enhance product protection at XINDINGLI. Additional features like handles, keychain clips, or hang holes can also be included to improve product visibility on retail shelves.

Two Filling Ways Into Spout & Fitment Pouches0ch

Q12:How to ensure the quality of spout pouches?

As a professional packaging products manufacturer and supplier, we conduct various tests before supplying them.  These include:

1.Residual solvent test using gas chromatography to analyze organic substances in the material.
2.Sealing strength test to ensure the heat-sealing layer meets packaging requirements.
3.Interlayer adhesion test to verify the bonding between different layers of the bag.
4.Burst test to determine the internal pressure capacity of the bag.
5.Pressure test to assess leak-proof and spill-proof properties.
6.Tensile strength test to understand the load limit during transportation and storage.
7.Puncture resistance test to ensure the bag can withstand sharp objects.
8.Drop test to establish standards for single bag and full box drops, ensuring a controllable breakage rate.Default standard - The bag body is free to fall vertically 5 times at a height of 1.5 meters without damage.