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Digital Printed Stand-Up Pouch

Our digital printed stand-up pouches are the epitome of quality and functionality, designed to meet the diverse packaging needs of businesses across various industries. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory using cutting-edge digital printing technology, these pouches offer unmatched customization options and superior performance.

With innovative digital printing technology, we can print short print bag items and high color count images with minimal quantity and plateless cost. We hope to cooperate with more customers formutual development and benefits. Working with us, you can definitely profit from unbeatable price, premium quality, outstanding service and abund and product resources. We can ensure 100% customersatisfaction and provide the best solution for meeting your needs.


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Introduction of Digital Printing

 Digital printing has revolutionized the packaging industry, offering unparalleled flexibility, customization, and cost-effectiveness for stand-up pouch manufacturing. Unlike traditional printing methods like flexography or gravure, digital printing eliminates the need for printing plates, allowing for on-demand printing of high-quality graphics directly onto packaging materials.

 Digital printing utilizes advanced inkjet or laser technology to transfer digital images onto substrates such as paper, film, or foil. The process involves the following key steps:

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 How Digital Printing Works:

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    Prepress Preparation: 

    Design files are prepared digitally using specialized software, allowing for precise color management and image manipulation.

  • 2


    The digital printer applies ink or toner directly onto the substrate, creating vibrant and detailed graphics according to the design specifications.

  • 3

    Curing or Drying: 

    Depending on the printing technology used, the printed substrates may undergo a curing or drying process to ensure ink adhesion and durability.

  • 4


    After printing, the substrates may undergo additional finishing processes such as lamination, coating, or die-cutting to enhance their appearance and functionality.


digital printing vS gravure printing

1.The printing principle is different

Digital printing is the use of digital technology, the file is transferred to the printer, and the printed image is printed directly on paper or other media through the way of instant inkjet.Intaglio printing is a branch of letterpress printing that uses the pressure difference between the printing plate and the ink covering to transfer ink to the paper. Intaglio printing of the layout of the concave ink, the protrusion is only weak ink layer, under the action of pressure ink will be transferred to the paper.

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2. The printing effect is different

Digital printing can achieve higher resolution and richer color performance, its image accuracy is high, fast, realistic effect, suitable for small batch, multi-variety, personalized and fast delivery.
Gravure printing can produce more beautiful patterns and higher quality prints, and its prints are colorful, high saturation, and more durable and durable wear, which is suitable for printing high-quality or large quantities of products.

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3. The printing cost is different

The printing cost of digital printing is relatively low because it does not require plate making and printing preparation process, and it is suitable for personalized or small batch printing, and it can be quickly produced and delivered.
The printing cost of gravure printing is high, according to the fixed design and size printing, the need to make plates, prepare printing pages and printing equipment, and require a certain amount of manpower, material resources and time costs.

ADVANTAGE OF digital printing 

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Can you provide information about the types of materials available for digital printed stand-up pouches?


Certainly! We offer a variety of materials for digital printed stand-up pouches, including laminated films such as PET, PE, BOPP, aluminum foil, and nylon. These materials offer excellent barrier properties to protect your products from moisture, oxygen, and other external factors.

Are there plate charges for printing stand-up pouches?

No, the pouches are digitally printed, so there is no need for offset printing plates.

What customization options are available for digital printed stand-up pouches?


Our digital printing technology allows for limitless customization options, including full-color graphics, brand logos, product images, and text. You can also choose from various finishes, closures, and special features to create unique packaging solutions.

 Can you accommodate small order quantities for digital printed stand-up pouches?

Yes, we can fulfill orders of all sizes, including small quantities. Our digital printing capabilities enable us to produce stand-up pouches on-demand, allowing for flexible order quantities to meet your specific needs.

Are your digital printed stand-up pouches suitable for food packaging?

Yes, our digital printed stand-up pouches are suitable for a wide range of food packaging applications. We use food-grade materials and comply with industry regulations to ensure product safety and quality.

What are the pouch dimensions?

You can choose between a custom-sized stand up pouch or our standard sized pouches.

What is your turnaround time on stand up pouches?

Your stand-up pouches will be produced in 15 business days, once your artwork has been approved.

Order Your Stand-Up Pouch Sample Pack !

If you're uncertain about testing your design with our products, don't worry. Instead, you can order a stand-up pouch sample pack, which includes every product type we sell. There are glossy stand-up pouches, flat bottom bags, spout pouchs,shaped pouchs from XINDINGLI PACK, and more..

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