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Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouch

The aluminum foil stand-up pouch is an innovative packaging format that combines the high barrier properties of aluminum foil with the convenience of a stand-up pouch. This packaging is suitable for various products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more, effectively protecting the products from environmental factors like oxygen, moisture, and light while providing excellent display effects.

We have collaborated with numerous well-known enterprises, successfully providing them with customized aluminum foil stand-up pouch packaging solutions. For any inquiries or needs regarding aluminum foil stand-up pouches, please feel free to contact our professional team.

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What do we do

At our company, we prioritize product safety and longevity which is why our offerings constitute materials that have met the rigorous standards of the FDA, ensuring they are BPA-free. These pharmaceutical-grade packaging solutions preserve your products' quality, safeguarding them against potential threats like UV light exposure, moisture intrusion, and oxygen erosion.
Our packages serve as an ideal guardian for content ranging from fine chemicals to premium products requiring light shielding. Whether your enterprise specializes in coffee cultivation, tea manufacturing or pet food production - we've got you sorted!
MOQ start from 100 pcs with lower cost
Can be added with zipper, valve, laser scoring, window
Join us in choosing smart packaging solutions that don't just store but also protect and present your products in optimal condition!

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Product FeaturesHeavy-duty Material


Offering Protection - With the usage of high-quality materials that are moisture-proof, resistant to light and oxygen, we ensure product integrity and preservation over a reasonable period.

Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouch Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouch

Stand-up Design

Easy for Storage & Display - The Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouch is characterized by its stand-up design. The unique bottom gusset allows it to stand firmly and makes your products more attractive, aiming directly at the consumer's mindset.


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Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouch Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouch

Fine Printing


 High-quality printing techniques can present exquisite patterns and text, enhancing product appeal.

Applications and Suitable Business Types

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Because of its thin thickness and low strength, aluminum foil is generally not used as a packaging material alone, but is often used together with plastic, paper and other materials as part of composite packaging.Our flat bottom bags are carefully crafted from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability and optimal product protection.

The common application types of food packaging are: aseptic packaging, lunch boxes, self-supporting bags, wrapping paper, sealing cover film, high temperature cooking bags, etc


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Customizable Options for foil pouches

Color: Choose from a wide range of colors including metallic shades, matte finishes, and vibrant hues to match your brand's identity.

Size:Available in a variety of sizes ranging from small (50g) to large (5kg) to accommodate different quantities and product types.
Shape:Customizable shapes such as rounded corners, gusseted sides, and flat bottom to fit unique product specifications and enhance shelf appeal.
Material :Options include high-quality aluminum foil, biodegradable materials, kraft paper, and multi-layer laminates for different levels of barrier protection.

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Customizable Options for foil pouches

Printing:High-definition printing options for logos, product information, and promotional graphics using techniques like digital printing, flexo printing, and gravure printing.
Finishing:Choose from matte, glossy, metallic, or holographic finishes to enhance the pouch's appearance and create a premium look.
Closure Types :Various closure options such as ziplock, heat seal, tear notch, and spouts for convenient usage and product protection.

Advantages of food foil packagin



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    Step One: Raw Material

    Our Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouches base on the eco-friendly aluminum foil materials, ensuring through strict screening that raw materials meet the highest quality standards.

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    Step Two: Processing

    Via closely collaborative work, our professional equipment and skilled staff members transform these high-grade raw materials into superior products.

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    Step Three: Shaping

    To achieve ample storage space and stable stand-up ability, we carefully create a three-dimensional bottom using special molds and advanced technology.

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    Step Four: Inspection

    All products must undergo strict quality controls without exception. Only Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouches of superior quality can proceed for further processing.

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    Step Five:Packaging & Worldwide Delivery

    After implementing our smart packaging solutions, items can safely and conveniently be sent to customers domestically or abroad. All orders possess production response codes tracing back to their origin points to validate product authenticity.


Frequently Ask Questions
These FAQs address common concerns and demonstrate our commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction as a reliable manufacturer.
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the world of stand-up pouch packaging! As a leading packaging production company, we're excited to share our expertise and insights on this innovative and versatile packaging solution. Whether you're a seasoned professional in the packaging industry or simply curious about the latest trends and technologies, this blog is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your packaging needs.

Q1:What is the aluminum foil packing?

Aluminum foil, commonly known as tin foil, tinfoil, is a metal foil made of aluminum rolled several times, with a thickness between 0.006mm and 0.2mm. According to the specific thickness, aluminum foil can be divided into double zero foil, single zero foil and thick foil. Among them, the main used for food packaging are double zero foil and single zero foil.

Q2: Why use aluminum foil in packaging?

In storage, food spoilage is mainly caused by moisture, oxygen, and light, while packaging material and food interactions can also affect quality. Aluminum foil's excellent barrier properties, high corrosion resistance, and non-toxic nature make it ideal for food packaging, preventing spoilage.

Aluminum foil also has good food safety. Due to its dense oxide layer on the surface, aluminum foil has high corrosion resistance within a pH range of 4 - 8.5, while the pH range of many foods is 4 - 7, which is within the corrosion stability range of aluminum foil. Therefore, most foods will not significantly corrode aluminum foil.

Q3:Is foil food packaging harmful to human body?

The European Light weight aluminum Foil Organization (EAFA) explained that although aluminum ions might move to food because of the solid acid and alkali of some foods, inning accordance with the present clinical condition, aluminum consumption within a sensible vary will not trigger health and wellness risks to regular health and wellness customers.
For instance, inning accordance with the European Food Security Authority (EFSA), the top restrict of aluminium consumption each week of mg/kg body weight (i.e. 70 mg each week for an individual evaluating 70 kg) is risk-free from a physical viewpoint. In 2011, the Joint FAO/WHO Professional Board on Food Ingredients (JECFA) released a top resistance restrict for consumption of 2 milligrams each kilogram of body weight each week.
Research researches have likewise revealed that although food preparation with foil can result in greater degrees of light weight aluminum in food, laboratory-measured degrees of contamination in food might be challenging to get to the restrict of 2 milligrams each kilogram of body weight each week. However some unique teams, such as more youthful kids and people with persistent kidney failing, the use light weight aluminum foil food preparation have to beware.

Q4:Features of aluminum foil material?

Exceptional barrier against external factors.
Robust mechanical properties, resistant to puncture and tearing.
High anti-explosion performance.
Withstands high temperatures up to 121°C and low temperatures down to -50°C.
Non-absorbent, resists oil, fats, and more.
Preserves product aroma effectively.
Tasteless and non-toxic.
Excellent heat sealing capabilities.
Soft texture with high barrier performance.
Retains shape after deformation.
Sterile, inhibiting bacterial or other organism growth.

Q5: How to make aluminum foil pouches?

The production begins with the shaping of pre-cut aluminum sheets to form the bags.  The specific shape and size of the bag are determined by the packaging requirements, ensuring that the bags meet the needs of various products.

To enhance the visual appeal of the bags, the aluminum material can be coated with resins.  This coating not only adds an aesthetic touch but also provides additional protection against external elements.

Furthermore, the aluminum can be laminated with paper, plastic films, or other materials.  This lamination process enhances the strength and durability of the bags, making them more resistant to puncture and tearing.

Once the bags are formed, they undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure they meet the highest standards.  After passing the quality checks, the aluminum foil bags are ready to be shipped to clients, where they will be used for packaging a wide range of products.

Q6: What Are the Available Options for Colors and Finishes?

The finish on the bag plays a crucial role in attracting clients and influencing their purchasing decisions.  There are two primary finishes available: glossy or matte.
Matte Finish:
This finish provides a more subdued look, yet still maintains a professional and attractive appearance.  It ensures that any prints on the bag are visible from a distance.
Glossy Finish:
A glossy finish gives the surface of the aluminum bag a more polished and reflective appearance.  Any portraits, logos, graphics, or imprints made on these bags become easily recognizable to customers from afar.

In addition to the finish, you can choose from a variety of colors for your aluminum foil bag, depending on your specific needs and design preferences.  Some popular color options include:


Q7:Are aluminum foil packaging eco-friendly?

The aluminum foil bag itself is made of aluminum, which is a recyclable material, and the energy used in the recycling process is only 5% of that used in the production of primary aluminum. In other words, from the perspective of energy consumption per unit, choosing to use recycled aluminum can save 95% of energy.
The European Aluminum Foil Association (EAFA) and the Global Aluminum Foil Producers Organization (GLAFRI) conduct research on the carbon footprint of various food products throughout their life cycle. The research results show that the carbon emissions of aluminum foil packaging account for only a small part of the environmental impact of the entire product, generally less than 10%. The relatively high proportion is the food production process, which is often close to or more than half.

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