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Spout Pouch

Spout Pouch

Custom Printed Spout Pouch Supplier & Manufacturer

High Barrier and Durable, This spout pouch packaging option can be printed in up to 10 colors, providing high visual impact and brand customization. Starting with a low minimum order quantity of just 500 pieces, low start-up costs make it ideal for new businesses.

Spout pouches are the focus of the DingliPack product line, offering a variety of spout types and sizes to meet customer needs. As a versatile, innovative packaging option for beverages and liquids, our spout pouches save on production, storage and shipping costs. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly and recyclable, making them an attractive option for businesses looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

It is refillable and can be easily carried with a tight seal and is much lighter in weight. This makes it more and more preferable for new buyers. We like start-up business and MOQ lower to 500pcs for a start.

DingliPack spout pouch can be used widely used in a lot of industries. With a tight spout seal, it acts as a good barrier guaranteeing freshness, flavor, fragrance, and nutritional qualities or chemical potency.

Flexible Liquid Spout Pouches Offer Flexible Packaging Savings

Flexible spouted Pouches are widely popular across industries due to their user-friendliness and advantages for manufacturers. These flexible packaging solutions are equipped with nozzles and are suitable for a variety of products such as soups, broths, juices, shampoos, conditioners and beverages.

Compared to bulky metal cans, liquid spout Pouches take up less space and weigh less, reducing shipping costs. Their flexible material also allows for more efficient packing into shipping boxes. Our company offers a diverse range of packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses.

If you're ready to get your project started, contact us today to start ordering. We are committed to providing fast turnaround times, low minimum order quantities, and excellent customer service.