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Coffee Stand-Up Pouch

We specialize in producing exceptional packaging materials. We craft your unique brand’s needs. Boost the presentation of your coffee products by using our strong lasting pouches that are specially made for this purpose.

Our coffee stand up pouches are manufactured from high-quality raw materials that provide excellent barrier protection against moisture, oxygen, and light, thus preserving the freshness and taste of your coffee. Every packet has a Ziplock seal to facilitate convenience as well as improve product shelf life. With various dimensions, forms and personalizing printing alternatives, our bags can be used to promote your brand and appeal to coffee enthusiasts.

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What do we do

Whether you're a coffee shop, roaster, or distributor, our coffee stand-up pouches not only elevate your brand but also contribute to a positive impact on the environment. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business grow while making a difference! 🌱

                     How To Choose Your Brand's Perfect Coffee Packaging Solution☕


Understand Your Product

Consider the type of coffee product , such as whole beans, ground coffee.

Determine the shelf life of your coffee product and any specific storage requirements.


 Identify Your Target Audience

Understand your target market's preferences and lifestyle habits.

Consider factors such as convenience, sustainability, and visual appeal that may influence their purchasing decisions.


Evaluate Packaging Materials

Explore different packaging materials such as foil, paper, plastic, or biodegradable options.

Consider the material's barrier properties, sustainability, and compatibility with your brand's image and values.


Consider Packaging Features

Look for packaging features such as resealable closures, degassing valves, or zip locks to ensure freshness and convenience for consumers.

Customizable options such as printing, labeling, and embossing can enhance brand visibility and recognition.


Factor in Sustainability

Choose environmentally friendly packaging options to align with growing consumer demand for sustainable products.

Consider recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable packaging materials to minimize environmental impact.


Stay Ahead of Trends

Keep abreast of industry trends and innovations in coffee packaging.

Embrace new technologies and design trends to stay competitive and meet evolving consumer preferences.

Premium Chinese coffee Pouch Manufacturer

Since 2011, TOP PACK has been committed to perfecting the production of coffee pouches. As the large-scale manufacturer of self-standing pouches in Guangdong Province, China, we have established expertise and reliability in this field.

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Challenges of Coffee Storage


Advantages of our Coffee Pouches

 customizeYour Coffee Bags

The zipper is a convenient sealing mechanism that allows users to easily open and close the coffee pouch without the need for additional sealing tools.
It effectively preserves the freshness of the coffee by preventing air and moisture from entering the pouch, thus extending the coffee's shelf life.
valved coffee bags56c
The valve is a gas release device commonly used in coffee packaging.
It allows the release of carbon dioxide gas from the package while preventing air and oxygen from entering, thereby maintaining the freshness and flavor of the coffee.
custom stand up pouch packagingc3s
The hole is typically used for hanging or displaying the coffee pouch on hooks or racks in retail environments.
It increases product visibility and makes the product more accessible and selectable.
The bottom gusset is a design feature that increases the stability and three-dimensional appearance of the coffee pouch.
It allows the pouch to stand upright, enhancing its display effect on shelves and providing greater capacity for the pouch.
tin-tie coffee bags97w
A small tie can help you avoid coffee contamination. There are a wide variety of tin ties in colors and sizes. Pick any of them, and we'll put them on your bag.
Stand Up Zippered Pouches with Clear Window, Resealable Bags for Food (120 Pack)qlj
Transparent Windows help to show the freshness and quality of the beans or ground coffee.

Therefore, this type of add-on is essential to help boost customer confidence. Customers will be attracted to your coffee product.
Making it effortless for you to access your favorite coffee blend with just a simple tear. No need for scissors or knives—simply tear along the notch, and enjoy the aroma and freshness of your coffee beans or ground coffee.


We have made a general analysis of your questions

Coffee stand-up pouches offer a versatile, convenient, and cost-effective packaging solution for coffee products. Whether for retail packaging, wholesale distribution, or subscription services, our coffee stand-up pouches provide excellent barrier protection, customization options, and eco-friendly alternatives, making them an ideal choice for businesses in the coffee industry.

 coffee pouch


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the world of stand-up pouch packaging! As a leading packaging production company, we're excited to share our expertise and insights on this innovative and versatile packaging solution. Whether you're a seasoned professional in the packaging industry or simply curious about the latest trends and technologies, this blog is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your packaging needs.

Q1:What are coffee pouches?

Coffee stand bags are versatile product packaging solutions designed particularly for coffee items. They are popular amongst companies because they offer excellent obstacle residential or commercial homes, protect the coffee from moisture and oxygen, and have a practical stand-up design that improves rack appeal.

Q2:Comparison of different coffee packaging

1. Coffee bag. Coffee bag product packaging is typically split into non-airtight product packaging, vacuum cleaner product packaging, inspect shutoff stress product packaging, and product packaging.
Non-airtight is for temporary storage space.
Vacuum cleaner product packaging avoids co2 damages and can keep for regarding 10 weeks.
Inspect shutoff product packaging enables co2 to leave while obstructing outside gas, avoiding oxidation however not scent loss, keeping as much as 6 months.
Duct product packaging without a inspect shutoff enables air in, triggering oxidation, decreasing storage space time.
Pressurized product packaging vacuum-packs coffee beans, fills up with inert gas, secures, avoids oxidation and scent loss, solid sufficient to endure atmospheric pressure, keeping as much as 2 years.
2. Boxed coffee. Its cellular lining products are primarily utilized for polyester, light weight aluminum foil and polyethylene compound products. The internal layer of polyethylene is a warm securing layer. It ought to be high-density polyethylene. Great securing efficiency, however simple to result in coffee wear and tear.
3. Steel or glass containers. They typically include plastic plastic covers. Nevertheless, after customers open up the coffee, it will be subjected to air oxidation or wetness.
4. Hemp bags: one of the most typical and financial option for product packaging and transport of coffee beans, hemp bags are likewise sustainable sources, and the set you back economicals, however the coffee beans are simple to deteriorate throughout transport.
5.Pills: These have just lately acquired appeal for their benefit and constant developing outcomes. These single-serving bundles work with particular coffee devices for a problem-free developing experience. Nevertheless, it will trigger ecological contamination.

Q3:Is coffee bean packing one-way exhaust valve necessary?

Have you found that the bag containing coffee beans and coffee powder is not the same, the bag containing coffee beans often carries a hole shaped object, what is this? Why is the coffee bean packaging designed this way?
This round object is a one-way exhaust valve. The valve with a double layer structure made of film is loaded into baked beans, and the carbonates generated after baking will be discharged from the valve
The gas on the surface can not enter the bag, which can effectively maintain the original aroma and essence of the roasted coffee beans. This is the most recommended packaging of roasted coffee beans, and you should try to choose coffee products with such packaging when purchasing.Certain coffee bag sizes cater to specific needs:
coffe pouch vavle

This valve packaging allows carbon dioxide from roasted coffee beans to escape while preventing external air from entering, ensuring coffee bean freshness and allowing consumers to confirm coffee freshness by smelling the aroma.

Q4:What are the typical sizes and capacities?

Certain coffee bag sizes cater to specific needs:
250 grams
Perfect for households or individuals with moderate coffee consumption, yielding approximately 12–15 cups.
500 grams
Ideal for small offices or avid coffee drinkers consuming multiple cups daily, providing roughly 25–30 cups.
1 kilogram
Optimal for larger offices or families, capable of producing around 50–60 cups.
While wholesale coffee roasters frequently utilize 1 kilogram bags, smaller specialty roasters might favor bags ranging from 125–350 grams.

Q5:What are the advantages of Coffee Pouch Packaging

Space-Efficient: Coffee pouches occupy less storage space compared to traditional packaging methods.

Durability: Unlike glass jars, pouches are shatterproof, reducing product waste from accidental drops.
Shelf Life Extension: Pouches help extend the shelf life of coffee beans or grounds by containing the gases emitted by roasted beans.
Taste Preservation: The gases emitted by coffee beans enhance their flavor, and pouches effectively preserve this taste.
Cost-Effective: Pouches are generally more affordable than glass jars, helping to reduce production costs.
Customer Convenience: Pouches are highly portable, making them convenient for customers to carry and use on-the-go.
Reusability: The zip-lock feature allows for multiple uses of the pouch, adding value for consumers.
Environmental Friendliness: Pouches are often made from biodegradable materials, contributing to eco-friendly packaging practices.
Recyclability: Consumers can repurpose used pouches for storing various cooking ingredients, promoting sustainability.
Attractive Display: Pouches provide an appealing visual presentation for products on store shelves.

Q6: Can coffee stand up pouches be used for both whole bean and ground coffee?

Coffee stand up pouches can be used for both whole bean and ground coffee. The barrier properties of the pouches help to maintain the freshness and flavor of the coffee, regardless of its form.

Q7:How to select the ideal material for crafting coffee pouches?

Coffee has a solid taste, and to protect it needs great securing. Because of the demands of anti-oxidation, light-resistant plastic compound products and more eco-friendly Kraft paper compound products are typically utilized.
Amongst the different products offered, light weight aluminum foil stands apart as a prominent option because of its remarkable obstacle residential or commercial homes, utilizing pure aluminum's securing efficiency to well safeguard the preference of coffee, not shedding scent, not quickly obtaining preventing light, and moist. Light weight aluminum foil product is anemic, odorless, and safe, can be straight touching food, so it's utilized for coffee product packaging, likewise consisting of set you back factors to consider.

Nevertheless, current research researches recommend that PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) might be the exceptional product for coffee bags. PET provides a similar degree of security as light weight aluminum foil however at a much more cost-effective set you back. Furthermore, PET exhibitions a distinct particular where it goes back to its initial specify when crinkled, unlike light weight aluminum foil, which keeps folds. This function adds to the general charm and performance of coffee bags made from PET.

Q8:How should coffee beans be stored and used?

1, the correct storage:  need to be placed in a dry, cool, avoid sunlight, to ensure the appropriate temperature.
2, the correct way to open the bag: before opening the bag, the air in the bag needs to be discharged to avoid the entry of oxygen. In addition, coffee beans need to be used as soon as possible after opening the bag to avoid moisture accumulation of acid produced by vodka.

Q9: What are the key points of coffee packaging?

Convenience is an element that should be thought about when selecting a product packaging technique, particularly in the contemporary fast-moving culture. Customers treasure time, so benefit product packaging has ended up being a warm subject in all the coffee market.

A. Zippers. This means that consumers can re-use the product after opening it. Reopening the zipper can effectively prevent aging.

B. Clear labels. Visually display the date, origin, consumption and good stories about coffee in clear language.

C. Package size. Modern consumers are less loyal to brands than ever before, and they want to buy smaller, trial-size coffee bags because it's easier to carry.

Q10:What is the manufacturing process of Coffee Pouch?

First of all, the choice of materials is crucial. At XinDingli, these materials are also non-toxic, odorless and safe for direct contact with food.

When the product is chosen, the manufacturing of the bag starts. The procedure might include producing laminates by integrating various layers of various other products and plastic. This laminate is after that exchanged the last bag form by different securing methods and developing. Warm securing is frequently utilized to guarantee a limited secure to preserve the quality and high quality of the coffee within.

Some bags likewise consist of functions such as simple tear strips, which are developed for benefit and much faster accessibility to the item. Additionally, lots of coffee bags have a one-way tire shutoff or comparable system to control the gas trade.

Q11:Types of Closure for Coffee Pouch

The different closures available for coffee pouch are:
Ziplock closure
One-way valve
Heat seal tear notch
Re-sealable closure
Press seal
Slide zipper seal
Tape adhesive closure
zip lock2fk

Q12:How to seal coffee stand up pouches?

To correctly secure a coffee bag, you ought to comply with these actions:

Prepare the Bag: Make sure that the coffee bag is tidy and devoid of any type of particles or wetness. If the bag has a zip-lock function, ensure it is completely open up and prepared to be secured.
Utilize a Vacuum cleaner Sealer: If you have actually a vacuum cleaner sealer in your home, this is one of the most efficient technique for securing coffee bags. Location the coffee bag within the vacuum cleaner sealer bag, eliminate as a lot air as feasible, and after that utilize the vacuum cleaner sealer to produce an airtight secure. This will assistance to protect the quality of your coffee for a much longer duration.
Utilize a Food Saver: You can use a food saver, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner sealer. These gadgets are developed to eliminate air from bags and produce a limited secure. Just location the coffee bag within the food saver bag, eliminate the air, and after that secure the bag.
Hand Sealing: You can still by hand secure the coffee bag, if you do not have accessibility to either of the over gadgets. Begin by folding the leading of the bag over a couple of times to produce a limited secure. After that, utilize a clothing iron on a reduced warm establishing to thaw the plastic with each other, producing an airtight secure. Beware not to utilize as well a lot warm, as this might damages the bag or impact the preference of the coffee.
Storage space: When the coffee bag is secured, keep it in an awesome, completely dry location far from straight warm resources and sunshine. This will assistance to preserve the quality of your coffee for as lengthy as feasible.

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