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Shaped Pouch

Shaped Pouch

China Professional Shaped Pouches Supplier & Manufacturer

DingliPack shaped pouches come in many different custom-made shapes and sizes that can be specifically designed to fit your brand, by using a die-cutting pouch making way to ensure offer you shaped pouches as your wish, it will meet all your product storage and marketing requirements.

Enhance your product's brand image and convenience with our innovative shaped bag packaging. Take advantage of the latest trends in the packaging industry by choosing from our range of standard shapes including convex, hourglass and rounded corners, or create a unique custom design. Plus, customize your product packaging to include spout shapes for easy pouring and easy-to-operate cold bridges.

Custom Shaped Pouches Packaging Benefits:

Unique Shape

Tailored to Your Needs Discover the benefits of custom-shaped Pouch packaging that is perfectly tailored to your products and specifications. We offer a wide selection of existing molds as well as the option to create your own custom shapes, ensuring your packaging stands out and is consistent with your brand image.

Convenient Features

Our shaped Pouches can be equipped with convenient features such as built-in spouts, enhancing usability and shelf appeal without the need for additional physical accessories.

Food Grade Materials

our Pouches are made from the highest quality food grade materials in our BRC certified production facility.