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Coffee Bean Pouch


Coffee Bean Pouch

Choosing coffee bean pouch as your coffee packaging offers numerous benefits. Coffee bean pouch is designed with one-way degassing valve that allows the release of carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen from entering. Thereby this coffee pouch bag nicely preserves the freshness and flavor of coffee bean products. Additionally, with layers of protective films laminated inside, this gusset pouch features its durable and airtight structure, and it provides strong barrier protection against moisture, light, and air to further maintain coffee beans freshness. Furthermore, this custom printed coffee pouch can be customized with attractive designs, offering convenient and visually appealing packaging solution for your coffee beans products.

  • Sizes Variety of sizes to fit any product
  • Material & Finishes Material options and finishes available
  • Order Order as few as 500 or as many as 10,00000
Selecting proper coffee beans pouch as your coffee pouch packaging presents numerous advantages. These coffee pouches are equipped with one-way degassing valve that allows the release of carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen ingress. Thereby this effectively helps preserve the freshness and flavor of coffee beans and extend their shelf life. Additionally, this laminated coffee pouch is designed to offer strong barrier protection against excessive contact with moisture, light and air. Such environmental factors would badly affect the original quality of coffee beans products. Furthermore, custom printed coffee pouch can be customized with attractive designs, providing visually appealing packaging solution for your coffee products. Overall, coffee bean pouch is an ideal choice for your coffee packaging needs.

At Xindingli Pack, with over ten years of coffee pouch manufacturing experience, we're specialized in providing packaging cusomization services for numerous food & non-food brans. Customizing your coffee pouches will help differentiate your products and brands in crowded market. Gravure Print, Digital Print, and Spot UV Print can help incorporate your brand logo, product information, patterns and graphics onto the pouch. This enables you to effectively build brand awareness and loyalty among consumers. Additionally, such different print finishes as matte finish, glossy finish, holographic finish will present different  visual effects and personal touch to your overall packaging design. Employing such print finishes will add more luster to your packaging design to further attract customers' attention. To enhance customers experience, resealable zipper, tear notch, tin-tie are all here for you to choose for bringing ultimate convenience to your target customers. Trust us to elevate your brand game to next level!
Dimension (L+W+H): All Custom Sizes Available
Printing: Plain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors
Finishing: Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination
Included Options: Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforation
Additional Options: Resealable Zipper + Degassing Valve + Tin-tie


1. Layers of protective films strongly function in maximizing inside products freshness.

2. Additional accessories add more functional convenience for on-the-go customers.

3. Bottom structure on pouches enables the whole pouches standing upright on shelves.

4. Customized into varieties of sizes like large-volume pouches, sachet pouch, etc.

5. Multiple printing options are provided to nicely fit well in different packaging bags styles.

6. High sharpness of images entirely achieved by full color print (up to 9 colors).

7. Short lead time (7-10 days): ensuring you receive superior packaging in fastest time.

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What is your coffee bean pouch made of?

Our coffee beans pouch consists of layers of protective films, all of which are functional and capable of maintaining freshness. Our custom printing pouch coffee bags can be fully customized to different material pouches to fit your requirements.

What types of packaging are best for coffee products?

Aluminum foil coffee pouch, stand up coffee pouch, kraft paper coffee pouch are functioning well in storing coffee products. Other types of packaging bags can be customized as your requirements.

Do you offer sustainable or recyclable packaging options?

Recyclable and biodegradable coffee pouches are offered to you as needed. PLA and PE materials are degradable and causes less damage to the environment, and you can choose those materials as your packaging materials to maintain your coffee products quality.

Can my brand logo and product illustrations be printed onto packaging surface?

Your brand logo and product illustrations can be clearly printed on every side of coffee pouches as you like. Choosing spot uv printing can nicely create a visually appealing effect on your packaging bags.

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