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Your brand, your design, our mylar bags.

A growing number of businesses in the cannabis sector are harnessing the power of modern packaging techniques, trading outdated, costly options for tailor-made flexible packaging solutions.Custom Mylar Bags serve a wide array of uses, acting as perfect storage options for an extensive range of items including sought-after cannabis products, tempting edibles, delectable jerky strips, flavorful coffee beans, delightful cookies, fluids and bountiful herbs among others.
Don't delay further – place your order now for custom-logo imprinted Mylar bags and embrace seamless delivery right up to your doorstep!

Technical Information

Sizes:Available in various sizes from 50 g to 1 kg.
Materials:Laminates are available in single or multi-layer options, using materials such as OPP, CPP, PET, PE, PP, NY, ALU and MetPET.
Finish / Aesthetics:Available in matte, glossy, demetallized, unprinted and registered matte finishes.
Pack Properties:Equipped with oxygen, moisture, UV, fragrance and puncture barriers to protect the integrity of your product.
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mylar die cut bags (17)n1t

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What do we do

Experience the unparalleled support provided by our team of experts who ensure you receive nothing but excellence when it comes to creating an authentic bag design befitting your branding personal need(s). Our professionals will translate any formidable ideas aspiring into breakthrough sell-through products!

Market yourself better with these new-age Custom Mylar Bags for Food Storage brought wholesale from us – reliability from trusted manufacturer!


Custom Shapes to Stand Out

Say goodbye to standard packaging with our Custom Printed Mylar Bags with Logo.Specifically tailored to suit your product,these novel shapes will make your items instantly recognizable.

Safe&Robust Mylar Material

Mylar is a robust and versatile packaging material that offers enhanced durability due to its resistance to tearing and punctures.Mylar's ability in odor retention proves significant in preserving product scents from external intrusion while keeping internal odors intact-A key feature pertinent in food or fragrance packaging sectors.

Excellent Smell Proof Design

With our smell proof mylar bags, maintain product freshness and keep unpleasant odors away from your consumers-enhancing the unboxing experience! It is a perfect way of preserving food for a longer duration of time.


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// Let us help you gain a competitive edge in the market .  // Customizable Options For Wholesale Mylar Stand-Up Pouches


High-Quality Materials

We offer a variety of material options:
Standard Mylar: Durable and moisture-resistant, ideal for a variety of products.
Aluminum Foil Mylar: Provides excellent barrier properties against light, moisture, and oxygen.
Kraft Paper Mylar: Combines the natural look of kraft paper with the protective properties of mylar.
Clear Mylar: Offers visibility of the product while maintaining protection.
Metalized Mylar: Adds a shiny, metallic finish for a premium look and additional barrier properties.
Custom Laminated Mylar: Multi-layered for enhanced durability and protection, customizable with different materials.
Eco-friendly Mylar: Made from recyclable or biodegradable materials, perfect for sustainable brands.
Material Options

Personalized Design Services

Inventive Shapes: Stand up pouch? Self-supporting pouch? Or any other special shape concept in mind? We can tailor-make it for you in eight color options and 6+ standard bag sizes.

Our design team can provide personalized design advice and solutions based on your branding needs, making your product stand out in the market. We offer the latest packaging design trends and innovations to help your product win consumer favor in a highly competitive market.
Global customer base

Practicality Plus

Our experts are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you get the best solution tailored to your needs.
Versatile Closure Options
Choose from a variety of high-quality closures to enhance the functionality and security of your pouches: Single and Double Closures,Tap Closures, Child-Resistant Closures, Inno-Lok Closures, Velcro Hook & Loop Zipper Closures.
Innovative Spouts & Fitment Options
Our spout and fitment options are designed to meet the diverse requirements of your products:
Child-Resistant Caps, EZ-Pour Spouts, Wine Fitments, Various Diameter Spouts.
Advanced Valve Options
Maintain product freshness and quality with our specialized valve options: One-Way Degassing Valves, Two-Way Degassing Valves, Goglio & Wipf Valves.
Durable Tin-Tie Options
Add convenience and resealability to your pouches with our tin-tie options: Copper Tin-Ties
Iron Tin-Ties, Paper Tin-Ties.
Customized Treatment Options
Enhance the appeal and functionality of your pouches with our wide range of treatment options:
Laser Perforation, Cut Handle Holes, Custom Windows, Tear Notches, 
Factory Area

Ultra-High Definition Printing

We utilize state-of-the-art printing methods to ensure your product stands out on the market.
Flexo Printing: Perfect for surface-level prints that require simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Ideal for straightforward text and images, this method delivers clarity without breaking the bank.
Gravure Printing: For those seeking a higher level of detail and quality, our gravure printing technique provides a reverse print with stunning clarity, suitable for more intricate designs and complex imagery at a moderate cost.
Digital Printing: When only the best will do, our digital printing service offers medium to high-quality surface prints, capable of handling detailed graphics and vibrant colors. Though priced higher due to its premium output, this option is perfect for brands looking to make a bold statement.
Years in Business
mylar die cut bags (88)88w


This is just for reference and actual sizes can be optimized based on your specific product size, shape, weight and other factors.

Product Capacity  Bag Size (W x H + D)
3.5 grams 3.62" x 5" +2"
7 grams 4" x 6.69"+2.36"
14 grams  5" x8"+2.75"
28 grams 6" x9.25"+3"


NEW! Family-Sized Mylar Bags

We specialize in providing family-sized mylar bags to provide a
higher capacity,able to hold ample contents for extended use.
This feature provides a rather practical aspect for savvy
consumers, who prefer products that aim for value without
sacrificing quality.

You will find this larger than average bag is advantageous.The
design complements its premium product line by meeting the
needs of regular heavy users or occasional smokers,thereby
promoting repeat purchases.

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Detailed Features of Our Mylar Pouches


Manufacturing Process

From Concept to Delivery

  • 1

    Requirement Booking

    Upon receiving an order, we closely liaise with the customer to understand their specific product needs. This includes the bag's shape, size, logo design, and any additional features they require.

  • 2

    Draft Designing

    Our design team then sketches out a draft based on customer specifications. This allows the client to visualize the final product and make any necessary revisions before production begins.

  • 3

    Material Preparation & Cutting

    High-quality Mylar material is picked and cut into shapes as per customer requirements using state-of-the-art cutting machines ensuring high precision and uniformity.

  • 4

    Printing & Inspection 

    The bags are then printed based on specified designs under careful inspection. We use safe inks that produce vibrant colors while maintaining food-grade safety.

  • 5

    Quality Control

    Lastly, each Mylar bag undergoes meticulous quality inspections to maintain our high product standards. Our team ensures no compromise is made regarding the structural integrity and design precision of your custom bags.

  • 6

    Packaging & Shipping 

    Once passing the rigorous quality checks, the custom Mylar bags are then securely packaged for shipping. Special attention is given to ensuring the packaging protects the product during transit and they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Quotation Questions ◢

  • Q.

    What material combinations do you use to make these packages?

  • Q.

    Can you print according to the design I provide?

  • Q.

    What makes your custom mylar bags different?

  • Q.

    How many options do you offer for custom mylar bags?


    We offer various options for customized mylar bags, including:

    Die-cut mylar bags
    Custom mylar vacuum seal bags
    Holographic mylar bag for food
    Foil mylar pouch bag with PVC window
    And many more

  • Q.

    Is the ink used in printing safe to use?

Quotation Questions ◢

  • Q.

    How long is the shelf life with these packaging solutions ?

  • Q.

    How much does each shipment cost?


    This depends on order size, total weight, and destination location. Please contact us for more details.

  • Q.

    What are the lead times normally?

  • Q.

    Can I get one prined illustrations on every side of packaging?

  • Q.

    Can I get free sample?

What Our Clients Say

Our biggest motivation is the trust of our customers


TAH Dohchor

Technical manager


From initial consultation to using your designed materials for application testing in specific industries, to user training and global services - Goldenlaser provides comprehensive laser solutions, not just a machine!




Our custom mylar bags from XINDINGLI PACK improved our product shelf life significantly. Excellent quality!


Emma Brown


The custom designs on the mylar bags perfectly matched our brand. Highly recommend!!


James Smith


XINDINGLI PACK's mylar bags are both durable and visually appealing. Our customers love the new packaging!


rCarlos García


Impressed with the premium look and feel. Great for showcasing my brand.




We are impressed with the durability and design of XINDINGLI PACK's custom mylar bags. Highly reliable!


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THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO High-Quality Custom Mylar Bags Wholesale

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the world of stand-up pouch packaging! As a leading packaging production company, we're excited to share our expertise and insights on this innovative and versatile packaging solution. Whether you're a seasoned professional in the packaging industry or simply curious about the latest trends and technologies, this blog is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your packaging needs.

Q1: What Sets Apart Metallized Polyester (Mylar) Pouches or Bags?

Mylar Bags stand distinct from the sea of other packaging owing to their constitution - Mylar, a special kind of polyester film. This defining feature empowers these bags with unique chemical and physical characteristics, making them the go-to for ensuring product safety.

Being significantly less permeable to gases compared to regular plastic packaging heightens its reliability for safeguarding contents within. Consequently, Metallized Polyester pouches and bags are gaining immense popularity, fast becoming an vital requirement in certain industries.

Their design is far from being a standard sheet or film insert for products. They boast an impressive versatility factor - capable of being moulded into various shapes and designs as per clients' tailor-made requirements. With these unique attributes coupled with the added benefits they provide, it's no wonder that custom Mylar pouches have emerged as one of the leading packaging options catering to myriad product types.

Q2: Environmentally Responsible & Enduring Mylar Packaging Solutions

Honouring environmental resolutions, our specialized Mylar bags embrace eco-friendliness and are fully recyclable while performing a multifunctional role. At XINDINGLI, we take pride in our green practices and use only superior quality materials for manufacturing CBD friendly Mylar pouch bags.
A key strength of these high-grade pouches is the safety barrier they erect shielding your valued products from external adversities. Perfectly vacuum-sealed, our bags ensure optimal safety for your products. To accommodate diverse needs, we offer Unique-shaped heat-sealable and zip-lock variations in our line of Mylar bags.
In an era hinged on supporting eco-conscious initiatives, it's encouraging to see businesses seeking out sustainable packaging solutions. Our personalized digitally printed Mylar bags not only boost your brand image but also actively contribute to global sustainability efforts.

Q3: Benefit from Customized Mylar Bags for Your Business Growth

An increasing number of companies are harnessing the potential and advantages of utilizing personalized Mylar bags for their packaging, owing to the manifold benefits that these revolutionary bags present besides just offering protection.

1.Brand Recognition: Tailor-made designs help your logo stand out, promoting easy brand identification.
2.Sophisticated Look: Professional packaging earns customer appreciation thus boosting sales.
3.Product Protection: Our sturdy bags safeguard from air, moisture, and light. Choose customization for perfect fitting and superior shield.
4.Packaging Appeal: Custom hues and designs magnet attracting consumers instantly.
5.Eco-consciousness: A large portion of our Mylar bags are recyclable and reusable reflecting our commitment to environmental wellness.
6.Light Blockage : Impeccable in hindering detrimental UV rays beneficial especially when packing certain spices or medications
7.Regulatory Compliant & Safe Packaging Solution : Industry-standard adherent When catering to sensitive items like cannabis we ensure child-resistant packaging aligning with laws.
8.Affordable Option: Despite bespoke extras, these protective carriers are pocket-friendly!

Q4: What Makes Us the Top Source for Custom Mylar Pouches!

We pride ourselves on delivering superior custom Mylar pouches that stand out in quality and customization. Using premium, food-grade materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we ensure our pouches offer unmatched protection and durability. Our tailored solutions, featuring custom sizes, shapes, and special features like resealable zippers and high-resolution printing, are designed to meet your unique packaging needs while enhancing your brand's appeal.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart. From personalized support and fast turnaround times to competitive pricing and eco-friendly options, we strive to provide the best value for your investment. With a customer retention rate of over 90% and proven success in various industries, we are your trusted partner for all your packaging needs. Contact us today to see how our custom Mylar pouches can elevate your brand!

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