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Customized Dried Fruit Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouch with Zipper

Dried Fruit Bag

Customized Dried Fruit Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouch with Zipper

Stand-up zippered dried fruit packaging bags not only offer convenient and portable packaging solutions for on-the-go snacking, but also provide protective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light, preserving the aroma, taste and quality of dried fruit products. Additionally, customized stand up zipper bags also are durable enough to remain dried fruit snack food intact state during transportation and storage. Standing dried fruit packaging bags are undoubtedly the perfect choice for snack brands and industries to showcase both their brand values and premium products.

    Product Introduction

    Once dried fruit products are excessively exposed to moisture, light, and oxygen, their original quality, aroma, taste will be severely damaged. Hence, airtight food packaging bags have become the best packaging for dried fruits food products. Airtight dried fruit packaging bags not only will make target customers impressed by stylish and eye-catching packaging design, but also protect and preserve your dried fruit snack products. Constructed with protective layers laminated interior and resealable zipper closure attached exterior, our laminated dried fruit snack bags are designed to provide strong protection against oxygen, pungent odors, and unwanted moisture, thereby extending the shelf life of dried fruit products.

    Stand up dried fruit packaging bags are currently the most commonly seen dried fruit food packaging bags styles. Flexible dried fruit packaging require 75% less material to produce the whole finished pouch than other hard, rigid packaging like bottles and boxes. Our sustainable dried fruit packaging bags, made of eco-friendly packaging materials, typically results in a lower carbon footprint compared to other conventional packaging options. Our dried fruit pouches are reusable and recyclable packaging options for multiple uses, not only reducing environmental pollution but also keeping the contents fresh and free from odors, moisture, and oxygen in an airtight environment.

    With over 10 years of packaging producing and exporting experience, we’re dedicated to providing all-in-one packaging solutions for multiple brands, having received numerous good reviews. Such diversified packaging styles as flat bottom pouches, three side seal bags, back side seal bags are all offered to you to choose for! Spot UV print, Embossing print, Digital print, Gravure print are provided for you here. And tear notches, resealable zippers, hanging holes are required to bring more convenience to your customers.


    1. Layers of protective films strongly function in maximizing inside products freshness.
    2. Additional accessories add more functional convenience for on-the-go customers.
    3. Stand-up structure on pouches enables the whole pouches standing upright on shelves. 
    4. Customized into varieties of styles like flat bottom pouch, three side seal bags, zipper bags etc.
    5. Multiple printing options are provided to nicely fit well in different packaging bags styles.
    6. Diversified packaging material are offered: aluminum foil, kraft material, PET, PE, etc.
    7. Short lead time (7-10 days): ensuring you receive superior packaging in fastest time. 

    Product Details

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    Q1: What is your dried fruit snack packaging made of?
    Our dried fruit packaging consists of layers of protective films, all of which are functional and capable of maintaining freshness. Our custom printings dried fruit packaging can be fully customized to different material pouches to fit your requirements.

    Q2: What types of packaging are best for dried fruit products?
    Aluminum foil dried fruit bags, stand up zipper dried fruit bags, flat bottom dried fruit bags, three side seal dried fruit bags are all functioning well in storing dried fruit products. Other types of packaging bags can be customized as your requirements.

    Q3: Do you offer sustainable or recyclable options for dried fruit packaging?
    Absolutely yes. Recyclable and biodegradable candy packaging bags are offered to you as needed. PLA and PE materials are degradable and causes less damage to the environment, and you can choose those materials as your packaging materials to maintain your dried fruit quality.

    Q4: Can my brand logo and product illustrations be printed onto packaging surface?
    Yes. Your brand logo and product illustrations can be clearly printed on every side of dried fruit pouches as you like. Choosing Spot UV printing can nicely create a visually appealing effect on your packaging.

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