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Custom Printed Gummy Packaging Bags Three Side Seal Zipper Bags

Candy & Gummy Bag

Custom Printed Gummy Packaging Bags Three Side Seal Zipper Bags

Three side seal gummy packaging bag feature its versatility, nicely accommodating different types of gummy products. Three side seal bags are characterized by its compact design, suitable for easy storage and transportation. Made from food-grade materials, our customized three side seal bags provide strong barrier protection against moisture, light, and oxygen, in case of food degradation. With zipper closure securely sealed inside, three-sided lay flat bags are designed to maximize gummy freshness and extend their shelf life. Hence, three side seal bags are undoubtedly the perfect packaging solutions for numerous gummy manufacturers.

    Product Introduction

    Flat bottom tea packaging bags are one of the most common seen tea leaves packaging bags. Compared with stand up zipper bags, three side seal bags, and four side seal bags, flat bottom bags are characterized by their flat bottom structure. In view of its eight-sided design, it is stable enough to stand upright on shelves, enabling it to easily stand out from the competition. Its stable eight-sided structure also helps maximize store capacity instead of other types of tea leaves packaging bags, making it an efficient option for packaging tea leaves products. 

    Tea leaves are extremely sensitive to light, temperature and humidity, these environmental factors greatly affecting the taste, flavor and quality of tea leaves. Hence, avoiding excessive exposure to such these detrimental environmental factors is fairly crucial to storing tea leaves products. At Xindingli Pack, our airtight tea packaging bags provide relatively separated and dry space for tea leaves away from such environmental factors, further maximizing tea leaves freshness. With resealable zipper closure attached onto packaging surface, our flexible tea leaves packaging bags enjoy the ability to reseal the opening of pouch repeatedly when no use, bring more convenience to those on-the-go consumers.  

    At Xindingli Pack, tea packaging bags can be customized into different shapes to fully accommodate your diversified requirements, like stand up zipper tea bags, three-sided tea bags, four side seal tea bags are here to provided for you. And various options for packaging material come in: aluminum foil, kraft paper, plastic, PLA and PE. Additionally, such functional accessories as resealable zipper, transparent window, tear notch, degassing valve are all convenient for daily uses or on-the-go trip. Our MOQ is 500 pcs! Trust us to deliver your brand game!


    1. Resealable zippers and tear notch function well in maximizing inside contents freshness.
    2. Flat bottom structure on pouches enables the whole pouches standing upright on shelves. 
    3. Customized into varieties of sizes like three side sealing bags, stand up zipper bags, etc.
    4. Multiple printing options are provided to nicely fit well in different packaging bags styles.
    5. High sharpness of images entirely achieved by full color print (up to 9 colors). 
    6. Short lead time (7-10 days): ensuring you receive superior packaging in fastest time.

    Product Details

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    Q1: What is your tea packaging made of?
    Our tea packaging consists of layers of protective films, all of which are functional and capable of maintaining freshness. Our custom printing tea packaging can be fully customized to different material pouches to fit your requirements.

    Q2: What types of packaging are best for tea leaves?
    Aluminum foil tea bags, stand up zipper tea bags, flat bottom tea bags, three side seal tea bags are all functioning well in storing tea leaves products. Other types of packaging bags can be customized as your requirements.

    Q3: Do you offer sustainable or recyclable options for tea and tea leaves packaging?
    Absolutely yes. Recyclable and biodegradable tea packaging bags are offered to you as needed. PLA and PE materials are degradable and causes less damage to the environment, and you can choose those materials as your packaging materials to maintain your tea quality.

    Q4: Can my brand logo and product illustrations be printed onto packaging surface?
    Yes. Your brand logo and product illustrations can be clearly printed on every side of tea pouches as you like. Choosing Spot UV printing can nicely create a visually appealing effect on your packaging.

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